The Eight Words That Got Me Through the Holidays

The Eight Words That Got Me Through the Holidays

This week’s inspiration comes from my family. Most of us have moved through what could be called the season of family: the holidays. It is a time of high expectations, steadfast traditions, and hopscotch travel plans that often yield a unique togetherness only experienced during this time of year.

Some of us vow to simplify the sure-to-be chaos. But often it is the very rarity of the gathering that sends us seeking out new ways to “make it special” and therefore even more complex.

Yet we move through it. We find joy, seek out the sparkle, and in our best moments, we decide to be easily pleased.

Sometimes it is the little things that help us the most.

For me this Christmas, these eight little words made my day.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Better than dark chocolate, a fine Cabernet, or even my new favorite Starbucks sweet cream cold brew, those words lightened my load and lifted my heart each time I heard them from so many of my family members.

Twenty-seven people floated in and out of my home in fifteen days. Despite last-minute changing of plans, miscommunications, forgotten gifts, and even illness, hearing those eight little words made each day—you know it, my New Year’s theme— #BETTER.

Beyond better, though, the extra help showed a special kind of caring and consideration, an encompassing kind of love that knitted us all even closer. From taking out the trash, to washing pots and pans, to walking the dog, and even offering to make my favorite afternoon tea (green tea with stevia in the raw and a slice of lemon) in my new favorite Christmas mug, the helpfulness made the holiday even more special.

favorite holiday mug

How about you? What words helped you get through this holiday season? Tell me about it. I’d love to know.

My best–always,

Becky  (Nana B)

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