Tuesdays With Madison


Columns for Autism After 16 about Madison,
Becky’s child with autism, as she transitions
into adult programs and services. 



Finding the Joy

Finding the Joy

Hi folks! This week’s inspiration comes from Madison, my 23-year old daughter with autism who continues to teach me so much about life—and love. Madison resides in group home and attends a day program about an hour away. She’s adjusted to the adult services programs, is well-cared for, and most importantly, is loved to pieces […]


A Bright Spot for Madison

We did it! Somehow we triumphed—at least for thirty-five minutes. I’m not sure exactly who we defeated—the meds, the hormones, or the autism—but for thirty-five glorious lunchtime minutes, I had my daughter back.   It was heaven, a far cry from the rough patch visit when she tried to dump me out of my wheelchair or the […]


A Rough Patch for Madison—and Mom

  “So how is Madison?” a friend asked at a recent family gathering. I’d updated her on my son’s spring break escapades and the latest on my eldest daughter’s new job. But the news on Madison was far less positive. I shifted in my wheelchair and took in a slow deep breath. “Well,” I paused […]