The Key to Joy

The Key to Joy

It’s coming—the holiday weekend! Many are gathering on the Fourth of July for family picnics or neighborhood cookouts. Some are traveling to the beach or mountains or have booked a special getaway weekend.

Not me. My far-flung family will not be celebrating with me on the fourth and I’m okay with that.

Really, I am.

In fact, I am content about my plans to “do nothing.” Why? I’ve decided to conduct an experiment. I’m embracing the philosophy of Mark Nepo, one of my favorite writers for my morning quiet time. In his book, The Book of Awakenings he claims:

One key to knowing joy is being easily pleased.

Although high expectations and exacting preferences can be thought of as sophisticated or worldly, often it is only a means of “isolating ourselves from being touched by life.”


How easy it is to be critical, to find fault, to form an opinion. I wonder if it will be as easy to simply be pleased? This weekend, I’m going to give it a shot. I’m betting I can find joy right under my nose if I take the time to look for it.

Maybe I just need to take a lesson from my dog, Tripp, who is so easily pleased. His life is simple. If he likes something, he wags his tail. And he wags his tail, A LOT. Sunshine, a comfy bed, a pat on the head, or a rawhide bone dipped in smidgen of peanut butter—these are the things that please him. And yet, he takes the time to smell the flowers.

He knows how to be “touched by life.”

Tripp  Tripp  Tripp  Tripp

So for the next four days, I am going to focus on being easily pleased and see what joy it brings. I’ll take some pictures and share them here, if you want to check my progress.

How about you? Are you easily pleased? Do you find it brings you joy? Tell me about it. I’d love to know. Include a photo and I’ll feature a few along with mine in the coming weeks.

Wishing you a weekend touched by life and filled with joy! Oh and if you want the play-by-play of the weekend with me, follow me on snapchat. I’m Chairwriter.

My best—always,

Becky  (Nana B)

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