Flourishing Reminders and a Morning Fuel update

Flourishing Reminders and a Morning Fuel update

Today’s inspiration comes from my yard. She’s survived 100+ degree weather in recent days and, thankfully, is once again flourishing.

I often look to my yard for comfort and encouragement. In fact, it’s become part of my own “morning fuel,” especially after I lost my precious puggle, Tripp, over a year ago. For fifteen years, he structured my days with morning and evening walks up and down the driveway. He helped me slow down to notice nature’s handiwork while she called him to attend to other business. Along the way, Tripp showed me how to cherish each flower—as well as any other scent that distracted him.

He especially loved the bed of lavender I’d just planted.

Tripp smelling lavender

When I told one of my doctors about Tripp’s passing and the daily routines we shared, she first offered her condolences—she’d once lost an aging pet, too—and then added, “You need to keep that routine, Becky. It’s good for you to continue that structure and to be outside regularly.”

To strengthen that habit, I tended daily to Tripp’s lavender. I also planted a few cheery greeters along our driveway trek. With each addition, I studied not only the flower, but its season of bloom. I wanted to make sure I had a welcoming committee most of the year as I continue to let nature’s steadfastness inspire mine.

Driveway Flower Collage

Perhaps I was implementing one of my father’s strategies he’d learned and later shared on how to move through life after loss: “When you’re ready, try to find a way to re-invest your love.”

The care I gave to Tripp I now give to my yard—to honor him and the love we shared. His lavender bed has become “Tripp’s Garden” and hosts a vibrant community of seasonal friends.

Flourishing Garden

All generously remind me to flourish: I simply need to pause, look, and be inspired.

How about you? How do the blooms of summer inspire you to flourish?

And on we go…

My best – always,

Becky  (Nana B)

P.S. Book update: Speaking of flourishing…my upcoming book, Morning Fuel, is moving along! The ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies) have arrived! These early, pre-release copies will be going out to reviewers soon. Here’s hoping 🤞 for more “flourishing” and some great reviews! Can’t wait to share the actual book with you this fall! Don’t forget you can pre-order below. Release date is October 29. Thanks in advance!

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