Rethinking Possible

Rethinking Possible: A Memoir of Resilience
Publication Date June 13, 2017

Her name is Rebecca Faye Smith Galli and she is happy.

But before her mother’s death, her son’s death, her father’s death, her paralysis, her divorce, her child’s diagnosis of a life-threatening blood disorder, another child’s diagnosis of autism, another child’s diagnosis of epilepsy, her miscarriages, and her brother’s accidental death, she was even happier.

She’s a P.K, that’s short for Preacher’s Kid, and is proud of it. P.K.s, like doctors’ kids, have to deal with being on call, emergencies, and the reality that other people’s problems become their own in a split second. Although she grew up in a household of faith where flexibility was a requirement, she didn’t like the three D’s—death, divorce, and disease—intruding on her family plans. She thought these life-changing events were just a side effect of her father’s job, a routine yet necessary nuisance. But when tragedy struck home—her home— it was a whole different story. Even though their faith was deep and love strong, their closely-knit-by-design family was shattered after her brother’s devastating death.

“I would change nothing,” he wrote on the last line of his college application essay to Wake Forest University—the last words he would ever write. The next day, September 3, 1978, he would go water skilling at Lake Hickory. Before heading home for our family dinner, he would make one more round in a cove, wave to some friends on the shore, and then collide with the end of a pier. Nine days later, he would die. He was 17. Becky was 20.

Rethinking Possible—A Memoir of Resilience is about Becky’s lifelong quest to create the sense of family she knew before her brother’s tragic death. Her memoir was written for those who want and value family. Who may have loved deeply and lost dearly. Who wants to believe that a closely-knit family is possible despite life-altering loss. And are curious to see how one woman lives, laughs, loves, and heals enough to finally find it.

Today, she remains paralyzed from the waist down. Daily, she manages her household, her family, and her life—and she writes about it. For the last fifteen years, she’s published traditional slice-of-life columns, newspaper op-eds, and web-based articles on the ups and downs of her family life and in 2006 she began a subscriber-based email campaign to share each published piece. Today she posts. And tweets. And pins. But now it is time for the rest of the story. The search for that sense of family was far more complex than she ever imagined. Losing her brother was only the beginning.


Rethinking Possible:
A Memoir of Resilience

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Praise for Rethinking Possible:
A Memoir of Resilience

“In her poignant and courageous book, Galli pulls no punches. Rage, tears, frustrations, denial, and doubts spill from the pages through articulate, conversational prose. She shares the intimate complexities of her new reality—bathroom complications, the dangers of unfelt skin abrasions, and mysterious pains where there are no other sensations. Acceptance was slow in coming, but fierce determination lifts the narrative tone: ‘Life isn’t about what you’ve lost, but about what you’ve learned—and what you do with what you have left.’ A touchingly honest and thought-provoking account that focuses on resilience.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“You couldn’t tear me away from her memoir, and when my family members found out more about it, they looked at me like I was a sadist. What they didn’t get is Galli’s story is not just about tallying up tragedy, nor is it a pity party on paper, it’s an incredible story about her belief in family and what it is to love unconditionally. It’s inspiring because it’s heartbreaking…The beauty of this memoir is how we get to witness the author’s healing and recovery — all in one book.”
– Book Club Babble “Best Books of 2017” 

“With a wealth of compassion and insight, Becky Galli tells her memorable and inspiring story. She is nothing short of amazing and Rethinking Possible counts the many ways this is true.”
– Jill McCorkle


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Book Club Babble

Carol Graham invites Becky on to her show Never, Ever, Give Up Hope to discuss Rethinking Possible and “How to Live Fully the Life You Did Not Plan – No Matter What.”

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Additional Praise for Rebecca’s Writing

“Rebecca Faye Smith Galli’s memoir, is told in a voice that is hers: direct, focused, prepared, smart, communicative, tough, and with a spark of humor…I travelled through the darkest days with Becky in this book and at the end I am not sad. Amazed, certainly. Gobsmacked, for sure. I am not sad because watching how Becky’s family was transformed has left me in awe of what family is and can be.”

Luanne Castle, Read full review here.

“Forthright, honest, and bold, Galli tells a story that could be so easily overwhelming or sentimental, with such grace and elegance and clarity, I could not stop reading once I began. Good humor, kindness, and love shine off of every page.”

Heather Sellers, author of You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know

Becky writes with a chip on her shoulder and laughter in her heart. This lady knows where to find gold in the day’s routine experiences. When you read a Becky Galli column, you walk away with something that will get you past the bumps in life.

Jack Williams, Associate Editor, ONE Magazine

Becky has a knack for striking a chord.

Richard Gross, former Op-Ed editor, The Baltimore Sun

What if Job and C.S. Lewis co-authored a book? A book of non-fiction. This book by Rebecca Faye Smith Galli is that book. Read it. You won’t be sorry you did. 

Thad Puckett, Reader

“I always read your column in the Herald-Dispatch with great interest. Being a middle school principal… I found yesterday’s article most applicable to a problem we deal with on a daily basis at the middle level. “Words can do more damage than sticks, stones“. With all the emphasis on bullying in the schools I found this article to be of great interest. In fact, I clipped it out and put it in my files and plan to refer to it when the name calling and gossiping issues arise between students.

A Herald Dispatch Reader

I am writing to thank you. I am writing to say how I admire your writing, and your willingness to tackle hard topics.

But I am writing, more specifically, to say how greatly your column, “What do we keep and what do we let go?” has affected me.

After reading that piece, I went to New York City for the unveiling of my Father’s grave stone. Your column wrote about the death of your parents, your pain, your losses, and that of your sister. I admired your restraint in describing the ‘awful-ness of loss.’  So I wanted to thank you, Ms. Galli. Thank you for your emotion-filled reporting. Keep on with your fierce examination of the tough stuff.

It is one way to affirm Life, and the fact that ” IT GOES ON”…….

A Towson Times Reader

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your articles in The Herald Dispatch. Consider me a fan. Without fail, your all too infrequent articles add the rare literary touch to my morning newspaper.

God has blessed you with an exceptional gift.

D. Spence 

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