A New Pledge with My Sister

A New Pledge with My Sister

This week’s inspiration comes from my sister, Rachel, and our discussion about a comment that we rarely make, “That’s good enough.”

We’re not sure why, but both of us tend to be driven and focused on finding our best and delivering it. We like to think that it is our commitment to the pursuit of excellence.


Then Rachel shared with me this nugget of wisdom that someone once shared with her. In this quest for excellence, we can sometimes act as if our own personal mantra is,
“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth making a major project out of it.”


We laughed long and hard at ourselves and each other. Both of us routinely find ourselves expanding our efforts at what could be simple projects, especially when it comes to family celebrations, holidays, milestones, and matters of the heart.

We want what we do to reflect how deeply we feel.

Why? Perhaps we don’t know how to shut down our creativity. Or we tire easily of cookie-cutter approaches. Or we find the search for a unique addition or offering to be an exciting challenge. Or it’s simply in the genes, an inherited family value.

Or maybe, just maybe, we are perfectionists underneath it all.

Yikes again!

So Rachel and I made a pledge. We vowed to think less, do less, and say more often, “That’s good enough.”

The timing is right. We’ve just entered into what can be the season of perfectionism. We look for the perfect gift and the perfect tree. The perfect recipe, holiday card, Christmas Eve outfit, or even wrapping paper.

A voice seems to constantly accompany me, almost haunting me. “Just one more touch,” it whispers, nudging me with the thought that with a little more effort, I could make the holiday even more memorable for my family.

But does everything have to be a major project?

True to my pledge to Rachel, I am trying to be more self-aware. Here’s the evidence of my first attempt. Every year I make a huge batch of Texas Snow, a sweet and salty snack mix treat, and give it, festively wrapped, to family and friends.

This year, one of my helpers took the list of requested ingredients to the store but came back with chocolate almond bark instead of vanilla. And twisted pretzels instead of stick pretzels.

Was it worth the effort to return and repurchase? Or should I go for it and see if it could be “good enough?”

Why not?

So here it is, my “good enough” Texas Snow.

It tastes great but definitely needs a new name. Not much “snowy” about chocolate. Any ideas?

Meanwhile, instead of being stressed about getting it just right, I felt like I was more on an adventure to see if something new could come from being “good enough.”

Now to compare: Texas Snow vs “Good Enough” Texas Snow. What do you think?

How about you? What can you say “that’s good enough” to this season? The adventure may surprise you.

My best–always,

Becky  (Nana B)

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  1. Brenda English says

    I always love what you write Becky! You have such a great insight into things that matter. Blessings to you this Christmas season. And, yes little ones give us new eyes to see the world if we let them! My grandson walked into Sam’s club with me and said “oh, tires!!” he was so excited to see tires and to see the fork lift!

  2. That’s an excellent story about you and Rachel. I will have to start using “That’s good enough” for my family.
    BTW, please tell Rachel Merry Christmas for me.

    Deryl Holliday