Thoughtful Thursdays

Thanksgiving Turkey Disaster and a Book Update

  This Thanksgiving story* that is now a family classic. Wince, chuckle, enjoy, and please share with me any of your family’s turkey traumas! Check out the P.S. for the latest on my next book. So grateful for your support and encouragement! My sister Rachel and her family had flown in for their annual holiday […]

Bright Spots and Recovery

Bright Spots and Recovery

First of all, thank you for your good wishes for my misbehaving left kidney. I’m happy to report the surgery went well! Recovery, however, has been much like this fickle spring weather—up and down. Although the incision in my back was the diameter of a pencil eraser, the kidney stone was the size of a […]

Facing Fear

First of all, thank you for your concern and responses to the news about my misbehaving left kidney and her two uninvited guests. I have some updates! The cancer risk for the cyst on my kidney is less than 5%, my son and I were relieved to learn when we finally met with the specialist. […]