My 2020 Theme: Going Rogue

My 2020 Theme: Going Rogue

It’s now a tradition. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, each January, I choose a word to guide me. Last year, I chose #Encouragement, vowing to get better at giving it, acknowledge it more fully when I receive it, and worked hard to keep encouragement around me. We strive. We struggle. We fail. Sometimes we need a kind word or thoughtful comment to remind us to just keep going.

The prior year, it was #StayStrong after my unexpected Christmas hospital stay. The year before that, I focused on finding what was #better about each day. And the year before that, I chose to seek the #Sparkle in others.

This year, I’m going rogue. Instead of one word, I’m choosing three!



After my bout with sepsis this summer, my body set me on its own PACE in its 17-week recovery mode. At first, I fought it, but then I realized there was nothing to be gained by pushing the pace. In fact, I was almost guaranteed a setback if I did too much too soon. PROGRESS became the goal, no matter how small. And if I took the time to stop and elevate my thinking to look at the entire journey, PERSPECTIVE helped ease my angst when I felt my pace and progress were too slow.

Some folks gallop through life. Others trot. Still, others walk at a leisurely pace. I know I’ve engaged in all three, depending on my age, stage, and energy. By focusing on my own comfortable pace, I hope I’ll accept and respect others’ speed of life while reining in my tendency to compare.

It’s a big year for me. I’m going to need all three words.

In February, the organization I help found, Pathfinders for Autism, begins a year-long series of special programs and festivities to honor and celebrate our 20 years of service. In May, I’ll be mother of the groom, a new role for me, as I watch my son, Peter, marry the girl of his dreams! Meanwhile, I’m downsizing. Significantly. So if you have tips for decluttering, consigning, or finding a home for treasured possessions, I’m all ears.

Pace. Progress. Perspective.

I’ll need those words, probably every day!

How about you? What words will guide you this year? Tell me about it. I’d love to know.

Happy New Year!

My best – always,

Becky  (Nana B)

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