The Election We Have Every Day

The Election We Have Every Day

This week’s inspiration comes from two sources.

First, in his pre-election focus group work for 60 Minutes’ report on The National Mood, Frank Luntz, an opinion analyst and CBS consultant, made a comment that has stuck with me. The record-breaking disapproval rating of both candidates, he discovered, was related to the group’s dissatisfaction not only with social media, but with all media.

“They’ve now dismissed all of you,” Luntz said to Steve Kroft, “for your biases, for your focus on entertainment, for this battle for ratings, and profitability rather than information and knowledge.”

Then he added, “And they simply now collect information to affirm themselves rather than to inform themselves.”


Do we do that? Are we so lazy that we no longer seek out information other than to just affirm what we already think we know? Have we forgotten how to listen and learn?

Then I received this Leadership Tip message from my good friend, Mary Ann “Skipper” Singer:

Electric Election

Wow! What a week our country had,
and we, as its collective citizens, experienced.

On Election Day we elected a new leader.
He played the role of businessman
and TV star on The Apprentice.
He will now play the role of President.

Two things strike me about this combination.
Every day is election day for each of us.
We are all playing roles.
Half of the country is elated.
The other half has been in mourning
and in a state of sadness, mild depression
and disbelief.

When circumstances occur, we can elect how we respond. We can:

  1. Withdraw: Play the role of victim or ostrich.
  2. Engage and lean in to understand others’ points of view: Play the role of detective.
  3. Actively fight for our beliefs and not give up: Play the role of Erin Brockovich. No part is right or wrong.

Depending on your point of view,
this recent show may feel like
a tragedy, drama, comedy or hero’s journey.

In our own play of life,
we have many acts.
Choosing the role we play
can be empowering.
Victor or victim. Lover or hater.
Hero or villain. Caretaker or destroyer.

The role we elect is determined
by our beliefs about ourselves.
Choose your script and direct your
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
to support it.


Thanks for the reminder, Skipper! It’s true. Every day is Election Day for each of us. We choose our attitudes, our behaviors, and our willingness to learn.

Or, as my father said so well and so often, “No experience is wasted and less we let it be.”

I’m trying, Dad, I’m trying! I hope others are, too.

This election process has so much to teach us. I’m “electing” today to be more open to learn.

How about you? What election will you make today?

My best–always,

Becky  (Nana B)

P.S. I will be joining Skipper in January in a series she calls The Resilience Diet™. You can find out more about it here.

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