Your Help, Trust, and My Migraine Moment

Your Help, Trust, and My Migraine Moment

Although I’ll still offer a thought that inspired me, this week I need your help. No, I don’t need money, but I would like your opinion.

As most of you know, I’ve been writing columns of one kind or another for nearly 20 years. My website houses most of them, numbering over 400! My book, Rethinking Possible, was published almost two years ago.

And now, I’m struggling a bit. I’m not sure what’s next for me, but I know it includes writing regularly and perhaps another book.

I am grateful for the opportunity you give me each week to share what’s inspired me to stay positive or made me think. You are my peeps! So, at the end of this email, I’m asking for your help with three questions that I hope will prepare me for whatever is next.

As for my migraine moment, I was recently asked to participate in a podcast with Kim Acedo, host of “Me Time.” I’d worked with Kim in another program after my book launch and was honored she’d asked me to join her as a guest in her new podcast. Although she lives 3,000 miles away and we met through Facebook, I like Kim, the kinds of programs she offers, and her ongoing message of encouragement.

I could feel my migraine coming on the morning of our scheduled interview. I told Kim about it and she assured me she would edit and review the recording carefully before publishing it.

We taped it. I took medication and went to bed.

When I felt better and my mind cleared, I couldn’t even remember what I’d said! I recalled my brain feeling like molasses, my thoughts gumming up, and my words sticking together. Surely there were long pauses and incoherent answers.

I emailed Kim and asked if we should re-tape. She assured me the interview was fine and offered to have me on her show again. Without listening to it, I let her publish it last week.


I trusted her.

Brené Brown, research professor and New York Times bestselling author, would say this is the beginning of a courageous moment. In her new Netflix talk, The Call to Courage, she suggests there is no courage without vulnerability.

But to be vulnerable, we need to trust those around us.

“Trust comes before vulnerability.” Brené Brown

I’ll be honest. I have not read any of Brené Brown’s books. They have been recommended to me and I have liked the soundbite messages I’ve read through the years.

But her Netflix remarks revealed a philosophy that rang true for me. Courage does require vulnerability; I can see that. We put ourselves at risk when we “walk into the arena” of uncontrolled outcomes. Although I hadn’t thought of it as “courageous,” perhaps the angst and butterflies I feel every time I give a book talk or presentation (especially with a migraine!) is my signal that I am vulnerable.

But the link Brown made between trust and creativity was a new thought for me. In her leadership work, she spends a lot of time with Fortune 500 companies. Executives often want their companies to be creative and innovation-driven. But if there is no safe place to be vulnerable and fail, she challenges, there will be no innovation. “If you’re not willing to build a vulnerable culture, you cannot create.”

I never thought about creativity that way before. Like my migraine moment with Kim, trust was essential for my willingness to be vulnerable, my willingness to get in that arena and risk failure.

Hence I am becoming vulnerable with you, my trusted friends. I want your honest feedback. I value your opinion greatly.

As promised, here’s my “migraine moment” podcast. It’s better than I thought, thank goodness!

Transformation Wellness for Women –

And here are my questions for you. Just reply to this email to answer and respond:

  1. How would you describe me/my work? (Who I am/what I offer. Also, who I’m NOT.)
  2. What topics resonate most with you?
  3. What do you expect of me each week in my Thoughtful Thursdays?

Thank you in advance for your help as I attempt to clarify what’s next! Can’t wait to see what you think.

My best – always,

Becky  (Nana B)

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P.P.S. Thanks for the positive feedback on last week’s column, especially the quote, “Plans are useless; but planning is essential.” It comforts and challenges, right? And on we go!

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