The Secret My Morning Coffee Reveals

The Secret My Morning Coffee Reveals

This week’s inspiration comes from a recent email I received from blogger Stephanie Wilson. She wrote:

One of the ways I measure how I’m doing in life is by how quickly I drink my coffee. Stephanie Wilson

Yep. That resonated with me.

Although I rely on my morning cup of coffee to get me going, starting the day “right” has evolved over the years. Coffee joined my routine midway into my college years when a good friend introduced me to the eye-opening properties of International Coffee’s Irish Mocha Mint instant coffee.

Two heaping spoonfuls plopped into a cup of hot water created a magical drink. We didn’t worry about additives or sugar or ingredients that we couldn’t pronounce back then, but we sure liked the powerful surge of energy we felt around 2 a.m. when we were studying for exams!

Through the years, I’ve alternated between coffee and tea, caffeinated and decaf, but always liked to start with something warm to introduce the day to my body.

But Stephanie’s words made me stop and think. Regardless of the beverage I choose, so often, how I take that first morning sip of nourishment is a direct reflection of how I’m doing.

Do I sip and savor?

Or gulp and go?

I’m trying to sip more these days. Life is better when I have the time to sip, reflect, and ease myself gently into the demands of the day.

Planning helps, of course. So does adding margins, a calendar technique I began years ago that adds extra buffer time before and after activities.

But recently, I’ve decided to implement bolder measures.

As you may know, I’m evaluating what’s next for my writing work. (Many thanks to those who have responded to my request for input.) One new friend offered some advice that has helped:

Before you can make time for something you want to start, it helps to decide what you are going to stop. James Barnes, Founder JB Innovation


As I looked at my checkerboard calendar and reflected on my mode and mood for each day, I noticed some patterns. Rarely did I have a free morning, my most productive writing time, much less a free day.

No wonder I couldn’t get started on the next book. I hadn’t allowed the time for it!

So, after careful consideration, I made my initial list:

  1. Stop morning appointments for at least 4 days a week. Mark W on the calendar for writing time.
  2. Stop scheduling appointments every day of the week. Mark HW on the calendar for Home Writing day.
  3. Stop writing projects, classes, and/or courses that don’t help me with crafting my next book.
  4. Stop mindless television watching. Record what can be watched later.

So far, so good! I’m sipping more than gulping, I’m happy to report.

How about you? Do you sip or gulp your morning refreshment? Does it reflect how you’re living your life? Tell me about it. I’d love to know. Oh, and if you’ve ever made a “stop doing” list, I’d love to know what’s on it.

My best – always,

Becky  (Nana B)

My goodness! I was overwhelmed with your responses to last week’s, My Dilemma with Oprah. Thanks so much for sharing your stories of “dreams that drained you” and your plucky attitudes. Glad to know I’m not alone. (BTW, plucky is my new fav word.)

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