When Plans Aren’t Possible

When Plans Aren't Possible


Hi folks!

She’s late. She’s late! For a very important date!

I was supposed to have a new name by now–Nana B. That was to be me!

But no, I’m still just a mom, a nana-in-waiting.

It seems that my precious grandchild must be very comfy in her mama’s womb because she is still in there, as of this writing. So today’s thoughts are for you, my dear little one.

Hot SauceI want you to know that we have tried everything to encourage your timely debut. We bought your mom a pint of Myers Lemon ice cream that she downed in one sitting. She has eaten jalapeño pepper pizza, a quart of pineapple slices, and put hot sauce on something in almost every meal.

We’ve bathed and massaged your mom’s feet in the essential oils that are supposed to induce labor – lavender, jasmine, and clary sage.

We’ve even gone out to a fancy dinner so you could feel special by disrupting our evening – in case you like drama, like your mama, oh and yes, probably like your Nana B, too.

Ginger Snap CookiesWe also watched Baby Mama three times while your mom munched on homemade labor-inducing ginger snap cookies–laced with cayenne pepper.

Meanwhile your mom walked miles and miles, up and down hills, steps, and long stair cases. She danced to karaoke, sang to Taylor Swift, and found a safe way to bounce on a large workout ball. Just like she did when she was my first child, your mama has worn us all out, outlasting us in stamina, energy, and focus. And no, she hasn’t been grumpy one bit.


Lemon Drop Cupcakes

Finally, in one last effort, your step grandmom-to-be and I spent two hours making these famous labor-inducing Lemon Drop Cupcakes, guaranteed to bring on labor within “hours.” With the juice and zest of eight lemons, yes, EIGHT, these cupcakes were first baked, then infused with lemon syrup, then graced with a lemon glaze, and finally adorned with a lemon buttercream frosting. We even added pearl beads and pink sprinkles in your honor!

And your mom dutifully ate six of them, as instructed.

But, alas, no labor.

And so the lessons of parenting and grand-parenting begin. After my sixth “no labor yet” message to some friends, one of them texted me back, “Babies have a way of slowing us down.”

That’s for sure! And a great reminder that our plans are not necessarily our children’s. Seems like I’ve learned that one a few times now.

So, we wait.

And are learning to enjoy life, even when what’s planned isn’t possible.

My best—always,


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