The Fabric of Friendship

The Fabric of Friendship

This week’s inspiration comes from my “stretchy” friends. It was supposed to be a week filled with “catching up” conversations. Christmas was tucked away and I was ready to fill the empty nest with time and tales from others, including two out-of-town guests who were coming in for visits.

There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal and swapping holiday stories to cement experiences into memories, the kind I hope to be thrilling about in the years to come.

But Miss “URI,” as my doctor labeled the Upper Respiratory Infection I was diagnosed with, grabbed every one of my Plan A’s last week and twisted them into at least Plan B’s.

My friends, however, were undaunted.

One out-of-towner’s lunch plans turned into a take-out chicken noodle soup for me and a salad for her. Another overnight visitor’s dinner became a delivered margarita pizza while my scheduled dinner for three turned into tray tables and “boudoir dining” so I could continue to rest, heal, and sip on some hot tea in the comfort of my own room.

They brought my newspaper in, my dog out, my mail in, my trash out, and even shopped for medications for me. One friend bought a new coat for my daughter Madison while another offered to deliver it to her for me.

Strong and stretchy, what great friends!

But beyond what they’ve done for me, I’m also mindful of who they are for me. They stretch me and my thinking. They are constantly writing new chapters in their lives, or at least new paragraphs.

The trip to Iceland. Seeing Hamilton—twice! The latest sous-vide cooking technique. A coast-to-coast biking adventure. A new charcoal facial masque. Plans to participate in the Women’s March. Preparations for attending the Inauguration.

Indeed, the fabric of friendship is strong, but stretchy. Our respect for each other strengthens us and opens our minds. Even when we don’t agree, we like each other enough to listen.

How about you? Are your friendships strong and stretchy? Tell me about it. I’d love to know.

My best–always,

Becky  (Nana B)

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