Summer Snippets: The Power of RE in the Season of Transitions

Summer Snippets: The Power of RE in the Season of Transitions

As we approach the cusp of fall, one of the year’s most intense times of transition, I’m inspired by what I call the power of “RE.”

For many, it’s “back to school,” a simple return to familiar routines and schedules. For others, it is a time for total reinvention, a fresh start in college where practically every part of life is new. And for those parents left with an empty nest, it is often a time for rediscovery. Family, at a core level, has been reconfigured.

Life will never be the same. Trust me on that.

Yet, this change of season can be the perfect time for reevaluation. Summer living has come to an end and we have some decisions to make.

What is important? What matters?

In one of my tizzies during my book promotion decisions (as a first-time author I was clueless on the time and effort it takes to bring a book to market!) I reached out for guidance and comfort from award-winning author Heather Sellers, who graciously read and provided a blurb for my book.

“First of all,” she wrote in an email to me, “BREATHE.”

Then she advised me with words that I’ve never forgotten. “I believe it is less about marketing and more about meaning.”

Meaning. Of course! Focus on the pursuits that yield meaning! What a great question to use when making a decision.

But how? How do we create time for what matters, to nourish what gives our lives meaning?

Then I stumbled upon this:

Sometimes we need to take a good look at reality, regroup, and let go of the things that keep us from moving forward.

What do we need to release? What has served us well but is no longer important? How can we recalibrate our priorities and make room for meaning?

That’s what I’ll be pondering in the coming weeks as we turn the corner of summer. How about you? Any tips to share on how you make room for what matters in your life? Tell me about it. I’d love to know.

Meanwhile, whether returning, or reinventing, or rediscovering, or reconfiguring, or regrouping, or releasing, or recalibrating, or any other “RE” activity, let’s strive to keep moving, growing, and adding meaning in whatever we choose to do.

Much love,

Becky  (Neehah! Note the new name!)

P.S. Madison’s transition to her day program and residential program continues to go well. She helped deliver Meals on Wheels last week! Thanks for your steadfast thoughts and prayers.
P.S.S. Remember Pathfinders for Autism’s annual Run Wild for Autism at the Baltimore Zoo is Sunday September 24. Then come see me at the Baltimore Book Festival.
P.S.S. Last week I had my first television interview about my book, airing September 23rd. Stay tuned! And, we have 43 reviews on Thank you so much! To show healthy sales growth, I’m told, we should try to average two new reviews per week. If you need instructions or help with reviewing, reply to this email and ask me.
P.S.S.S.S. Are you curious as to why Tripp, my Puggle is the feature photo? It’s quite obvious that he knows how to make room in his life for meaning—always room for that rawhide bone! BUT, I also missed National Dog Day on August 26 so I had to make up for it. Yep, he matters a great deal to me.
And finally, thoughts and prayers to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey, especially my dear friends in Houston.

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