A Surprising Gift from a Snow Day

A Surprising Gift from a Snow Day

Nature did it again! She gave us her own version of “March Madness” as the promise of spring was blanketed by nearly a foot of snow.

I loved it.

With appointments rescheduled and no threat of high winds or ice, I had the chance to enjoy this round of nature’s handiwork.

As my friend Al so aptly put it, “It wasn’t inconvenient.”

That day became a freebie, one I could use any way I chose. And, when you removed the “bother element” of the snow, you had to admit it was stunning.

Rarely do we get to appreciate nature without trying to control her.

I felt like I was entering a zone of childlike wonder, time-warping me back to my elementary school days when a snow day was like a Saturday in the middle of the week.

It felt good to revert to that mindset, to give undivided attention to what was right in front of me with no worries about the past or the future that could dilute the moment.

“It takes one a long time to become young,” Pablo Picasso reminds us.


Maybe I should revisit that mindset more often. In my effort to stay strong and try new things, perhaps I should find more opportunities to “become young” and refreshed through childlike wonder. It’s a gift we can give ourselves if we choose to look at life through the eyes of a child, fully engage in the moment at hand, and simply rest in the awe of it.

How about you? Have you discovered gifts from your “snow day” experiences? Tell me about it. I’d love to know.

My best – always,

Becky  (Neehah! Note the new name!)

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