Some Days You Can Only Tread Water

Some Days You Can Only Tread Water

I had one of “those days” this week, a hat trick of inconveniences that together threatened to put me in a place I don’t like to go – the pit.

The left front caster wheel of my wheelchair developed a strange click. It could have been a pebble, a chunk of salt, or something more serious like damaged ball bearings that could lock up my wheel.

Then the gel insert for my wheelchair cushion ripped, causing a pasty substance to ooze out all over my seat.

Later, it started to rain and the roof in my sunroom started leaking. Again. I’d just had it resealed a few weeks ago.

That’s when a mighty migraine decided to visit me.

Yep, one of those days.

Forget any plans of swimming through the checklist of my carefully planned day; it was all I could do to tread water.

After making calls for repairs, I took my migraine medicine and tucked myself into bed.

Within twenty-four hours, my migraine was gone, a technician came to assess my wheel, I got a quote for my roof repair, and I found a way to temporarily repair my seat cushion with a new discovery, Gorilla tape.

I was still treading water, but at least the pull of the deep wasn’t quite so strong.


Action. Sometimes that’s enough to make treading water of value, I’ve learned.

I may not be able to go the direction I’d planned, but taking action helps me feel like I’m making progress. At least I’m not sinking anymore.

In fact, if I look at the situation in just the right light, maybe I’m even getting stronger, by simply “swimming” in place. Treading water is a heck of a workout. I better give myself credit!

Meanwhile, I click. No more sneaking up on anyone in my quiet power wheelchair. If you hear what sounds like a long Wheel of Fortune spin, that will be me. I’ll be clicking for about three weeks until my new caster comes in.

How about you? What helps you “tread water” when you have one of “those days?” Tell me about it. I’d love to know.

My best – always,

Becky  (Neehah! Note the new name!)

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