My Discovery at the HeART for Autism Event

My Discovery at the HeART for Autism Event

This week’s inspiration comes from an event I attended last week in support of my beloved Pathfinders for Autism. The event, HeART for Autism, showcased beautiful paintings by Mary Beth Marsden, a former Baltimore broadcast journalist and news anchor whose 16-year-old daughter has autism.

Mary Beth’s paintings exuded both her charm and her passion.

It’s not often I meet a fellow mom who is parenting a daughter challenged by autism, since autism affects males five times more than females.

As I strolled through the art gallery I was drawn to the bold yet gentle renderings of flowers, especially this pink one. The vibrant shades of each blossom in all stages of bloom seem to stretch up and out with a relaxed grace. Content, at peace, yet still full of promise.

My daughter Madison is 10 years older than Mary Beth’s daughter. I thought about Madison at age 16, and how so many services and opportunities for children with autism have changed and expanded since that time. Then I thought about what the next 10 years would hold for our girls. Somehow those blooms in their various stages comforted me.

Mark Nepo’s words from The Book of Awakening came to mind:

For the flower, it is fully open at each stage of its blossoming.


So often I let the fear and worries of tomorrow rob me of the beauty of the present.

Of course I’ll still wonder about the next 10 years for my Madison; the “planner Becky” part of me will always have multiple options swirling around in my mind. But I’ve decided I’m going to let this beautiful artwork (Thank you, Mary Beth!) remind me to reflect a bit more in the process and to look for and enjoy the fullness at each stage as she grows.

How about you? What brings you back to the joy and fullness of the present? Tell me about it. I’d love to know.

For those who couldn’t make it, Mary Beth Marsden’s artwork will be on display from April 13th – 21st at the Merritt Gallery & Renaissance Fine Arts. A portion of sales benefits Pathfinders for Autism’s First Responder Training Initiative.

My best – always,

Becky  (Nana B)

P.S. So excited and honored to be interviewed on The Author’s Cut with Book Club Babble’s founder, Dr. Maribel Garcia.

Author’s Cut Interview

P.P.S. Looking forward to speaking and celebrating the 20th anniversary of The Page Turners book club on April 26th. Come join us!

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