Are you OK?

Are You OK?

Hi folks!

This week’s inspiration comes from one of my own – my son. As many of you know, he attends college in sunny California, about 3000 miles away from me. The three-hour time zone difference often makes it hard for us to sync up our conversations. Last week, after a failed FaceTime connection and three different attempts to schedule a call, I finally resorted to text and messaged him simply,

“Are you OK?”

As I waited for my phone to light up with his response, I thought about that simple question. I guess that summed it up accurately. After all, that’s all I really wanted – scratch that – NEEDED to know. I wanted to know a whole lot more – his classes, schedule, workouts, how it was going with his roommates, social life – all those “annoying” details that mothers want to know.

Finally a shrill ding interrupted by daze, lighting up more than my screen.

“Hey Ma! I’m exhausted and busy, but I’m crushing it right now!”

I was expecting the exhausted and busy. But the words, “crushing it,” made me shake my head and laugh out loud.

“Great! ” I texted back quickly. Then I thought about it for a minute and added, “Me, too!”

I had finished my book proposal, queried a few literary agents, and just received two positive responses. I, too, was exhausted and busy from the midweek pace of appointments, to-do’s, and deadlines. But when I stopped long enough to take a snapshot of that moment and reflect – well, yes, – I, too, was “crushing it!”

It reminded me of a quote I read some time ago that still rolls around the back of my mind, especially when life gets hectic and I wonder if I can possibly do one more thing. In his “That’s that” address to the graduating class of Morehead scholars in 1959, John Motley Morehead III, the original founder of the Morehead-Cain scholarships at UNC Chapel Hill, challenged the grads:

Stay with it, play the game, play it according to the rules. If you get hurt, don’t holler; if you lose, pay up. Nobody can win all the time. Play it hard, for any machine – electrical, human, or mechanical – shows its greatest efficiency when loaded closest to its capacity.

Don’t you just love that?

Perhaps that’s what my son and I experienced. Loaded to our capacity, we felt that exhausted-yet-blissful moment of crushing it.

Why not admit it? Why not celebrate it? I must admit that it felt good to say it.

Granted, who knows what tomorrow will bring. More rejections. More work. More busy-ness and exhaustion for sure. But in that moment, it felt great to simply acknowledge that well-earned success.

So how about you? Have you crushed it lately? Think hard about when you were exhausted and if that exhaustion was worth it. I bet you were crushing it.

So tell me about it. I’d love to know.

And thanks to all of you who responded to last week’s email, “Scared Spitless,” and challenged me with some great questions to ponder as I prepare for the upcoming panel discussion. You are making it easier for me and I am grateful.

My best—always,


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  1. Ellen Perry says

    Becky, I’m so glad that I started receiving your newsletters again so it appears that those problematic kinks were worked out successfully! They’d been going to my (unfortunately) rarely checked junk folder. Love reading your thoughts. Blessings on your newest debut!

    • Rebecca Faye Smith Galli says

      So wonderful to hear from you Ellen! I am so sorry your Junk folder has been receiving my email. I hope you continue to receive them correctly! I’m shooting for every Thursday so if you find you aren’t getting one, please email me. [email protected]. Thanks for the kind words. My best to you!