Sit Down God, I’m Angry Book Reviews


Everyone should read this book!
I am from Huntington, WV and I have met Dr. Smith, author of this book. It is a book for everyone, not just for those people who have lost a child. He assures parents who have lost a child that they will walk again, but always with a limp. If you have ever asked the question, “Why did God let this happen?”, then read this book. A very spiritual book…..a true story written by a minister that all of a sudden found himself very angry with God….and how God gave him the strength to heal. But just as important, it is about the choices that a person must make in order to heal himself.

Excellent book!
The author not only relates his experiences as a parent but as a pastor also. The book is good to use as a gift to parents who have lost a child and also to a pastor, chaplain or other person who counsels those in times of grief.

Excellent Resource – Must Read for Pastors & Counsellors
In Smith’s book, he shares the story of his 17 year old son’s death and his response to the death. The book is gripping and emotional. Dr. Smith gives people permission to be angry with God and to express that anger. He makes anger over loss seem acceptable by showing that God was angry when Jesus died. Expressing anger to God is vital for healing and for keeping the relationship with God vibrant. The book outlines a few strategies for dealing with loss and for assisting those who are dealing with loss. I highly recommend this book to all pastors and counsellors. Those who have experienced a significant loss may also find the book helpful.

The Best Grief Book Ever! I Read it In Two Days!
Having lost our precious 18 yr old son Jacob who was a solid christian young man. And then to read this book I could have been reading about my own son! A Pastor writes this story and it is honest and so very accurate of the deep pain and anger at God that is so normal for any parent who suddenly loses a child. But to have a Pastor tell it makes it feel easier for me to say, ” Yes, I am angry and I feel betrayed and where are you God? ” God is a big God and can take our anger and can heal us and that is what this author reminds us, as he shares his vivid account of his own precious son.

From Spiritual Self-Care When Grieving
by Boyd C. Purcell, HospiceCare Chaplain

The Reverend Doctor R. F. Smith’s son was killed in a freak boating accident. Here was a healthy young man with a bright future, suddenly gone with not even the opportunity to say “good-bye.” It all seemed so senseless and Dr. Smith had prayed for God to spare his son. When he died Dr. Smith was very angry with God.

Dr. Smith remembered that when his children were growing up he had taught them that it was okay to be angry but they needed to express their anger in a respectful way. He had an easy chair where he sat for family conferences. When one of his children was angry with him the child would say, “Sit down, Dad, I’m angry.” He would sit and listen and try to bring about a resolution of the problem. Drawing on this experience, Dr. Smith believes that God our heavenly Father is even more loving and understanding than the best earthly parent. He channeled his anger constructively into writing the book, Sit Down God, I’m Angry. This book is strongly recommended for any grieving person who is struggling with anger at God.

From Laura Alden, author and friend
‘In this book, R. F. Smith entrusts us with his experience–the profoundly painful loss of a child. R. F. does not give spiritualized answers but honest emotion and reflection, not what to do next but the witness of his own life. From him I learned about generosity, humor, love, and ultimately, faith. ‘Sit Down, God’ gives courage and comfort for the big and small crisis we all face.’