Rejoice in Trials, Are You Kidding?

My father’s pastoral prayer from his November 25, 1979 sermon, “Rejoice in Trials, Are You Kidding?”


  1. Jo Ann Johnson says

    Dear sweet Becky,

    All I can say is “Oh, My Heavens!” Your Daddy‘s prayer sounds just like it could be uttered this very day with all that’s going on with this coronavirus. I cannot even imagine how he might address a prayer to God on a day like this when places are opening up, when demonstrations are being waged when places are not opened up, and for President Trump who sometimes doesn’t know which way to go, nor what in the world to do!

    Thank you, my dear friend, for rising above deceivingly insurmountable objects and problems facing you each and every day as soon as you awake. Thank you for reaching out to those of us who appreciate and depend upon your words of wisdom. How proud your mom and dad must be that you are carrying the family to watch! You are reaching out to all of us and giving us food for thought, strength for the struggle, and hope when we feel like we cannot go one more step.

    Love and God bless you greatly,

    Your friend from Huntington and now I’m in North Carolina as well,

    Jo Ann Johnson ????

    • Thank you for your kind words, Jo Ann! So happy to be able to share Dad’s wise words from so long ago. I hope to keep adding to this page as I come across his timeless prayers. Stay safe and strong! Love, Becky