Life with Autism

Articles and columns about family life with a child with autism.

When Details Matter

When Autism Hurts: Sometimes it’s the details that help

Although my father was the “professional” storyteller in our family, given his career as a columnist and pastor, my mother was well-known for her own unique style of describing an event. She knew how to enjoy life in general, but had an exceptional knack for absorbing the details, and was willing to share most of […]

Ritual Creates Unexpected Learning For Child With Autism

What a Family Tradition Taught Madison

This week’s inspiration comes from a distant, but beautiful memory of my Madison and a family tradition we maintain to this day. My Looking Homeward column (below) from Sunday’s Op-Ed at The Herald Dispatch shares my thoughts. What about you? What special family traditions make your family, your family? I’d love to know. My best—always, […]

A Bright Spot for Madison

We did it! Somehow we triumphed—at least for thirty-five minutes. I’m not sure exactly who we defeated—the meds, the hormones, or the autism—but for thirty-five glorious lunchtime minutes, I had my daughter back. It was heaven, a far cry from the rough patch visit when she tried to dump me out of my wheelchair or the […]