God Speaks But No Answer

My father’s pastoral prayer from his June 22, 1997 sermon, “God Speaks But No Answers.”


  1. Donna Bunch says

    What a calming, reassuring voice your father had. I love his words and certainly feel the presence and peace of God through him. What a gift to have this recording! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, Donna! Yes, so glad he recorded his sermons and we have been able to digitize. Great to hear from you! So glad his words comforted you as well. Hope you are safe and healthy. Love, B

  2. thank you so much, Becky! Your father‘s voice is strong and commanding and yet comforting in its tone has blessed me so many times but especially now. Now that I am older now that life is different for me. And yet his words encourage me. I feel so honored to have been under his shepherding for so many years. I also feel honored that I got to meet and get acquainted with precious faith as well as you and Becky.

    Love abounds as well as prayers for strength for you to face each day with the courage it inspire so many of us. Many of time I have thought if Becky can face her day I could get up and face my day.

    Love and God bless,

    Jo Ann Johnson???