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The late Reverend Dr. R.F. Smith Jr., pastor emeritus of Fifth Avenue Baptist Church in Huntington, West Virginia, was an influential church and community leader for decades. He served 21 years as pastor in Huntington before retiring in 1999. His 47-year ministry also included five churches in North Carolina.

Dr. Smith took the lead in civic endeavors that served the Huntington community and was instrumental in bringing Amazon.com and hundreds of jobs to the local community. During his career, he wrote for a newspaper syndicate that placed his writings in more than 1,000 newspapers around the nation with a combined readership of over 60 million. He authored two books, Looking Homeward…Reports from the Homefront Lines, and Sit Down, God…I’m Angry about the death of his 17-year-old son. Upon his death in 2003, his Looking Homeward column was continued by his daughter, Rebecca Faye Smith Galli, for The Herald Dispatch in Huntington.

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Sit Down God, I'm Angry

Sit Down, God…I’m Angry

Author: R.F. Smith Jr. — $12.00 (plus $2.50 Shipping)

Sit Down, God…I’m Angry encourages readers to positively acknowledge and handle their anger over the death of a loved one. Based on decades of experience as a practicing pastor working with families who have lost loved ones, Smith contends that anger is always present but is so off-limits in matters of faith that people delay healing by refusing to admit that they are angry. In this personal account of the death of his son, Smith admits his anger at God, relates the long journey of dealing with this anger, and details the process of making a pilgrimage to the place where he could live, work, and love again.

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Looking Homeward...Reports from the Homefront LineLooking Homeward…Reports from the
Homefront line

Author: R.F. Smith Jr. — $9.95 (plus $2.50 Shipping)

In “Looking Homeward…,” Dr. Smith gives “reports from the homefront line,” short slice-of-life stories that cover family life from marriage through the experience of dying and death and all the wonderful joys and challenges in between.

This book, reprinted 20 years after its original publish date, reveals Dr. Smith’s unique insights into life reflected from the home and lived-out in the challenges of everyday life. In his fresh literary style, he presents a rare “behind the scenes” view of home life and interprets the view in down-to-earth language.

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