Rebecca Faye Smith Galli

Rebecca Faye Smith Galli
Writer, columnist, memorist, and
accidental student of life-redefined.

to RebeccaFayeSmithGalli.com a website devoted to the life, works, and dreams of Becky Galli and her father, the late Rev. Dr. R.F. Smith Jr.

In 1997, Becky was paralyzed from a rare inflammation of the spinal cord, Transverse Myelitis that began as a mild case of the flu. In six short hours, her active life screeched to a halt. A single mother of four, she had two children with special needs that included epilepsy, cerebral palsy and autism. With the onset of paralysis, she would begin yet another journey through devastating loss.

As she adjusted to life from the wheelchair, she discovered email and began writing about her daily escapades to family and friends. They encouraged her to publish. After a year of rejections, her first article appeared in the Op-Ed Section of The Baltimore Sun. She wrote about playing soccer with her son—-from the wheelchair. Other pieces followed and soon she was writing a monthly column, “From Where I Sit…” for two local weeklies. In 2003, after her father’s death, Becky continued his Looking Homeward column for Huntington’s Herald Dispatch and in 2011, she began her Tuesdays with Madison series for Autism After 16.

This website is her effort to keep connected to her extended family and friends she has made through her parents, her children, and the professionals who have helped her navigate through the maze of adversity.

“I’m living a life I didn’t plan—but it is still good,” she says. “’No experience is ever wasted unless you let it be,’ my father often said. I am excited to see what tomorrow will bring. I’ve come to realize that life can be good—no matter what.”