Thoughtful Thursdays

The Benefits of Wasted Time

This week’s inspiration is about a topic we don’t like to talk about – wasting time. Even writing the words causes me to wince. Who likes to waste time? Yet, whether we admit it or not, we do. Here’s the thought that both inspired and comforted me: Thank goodness! I ran across that sentiment about […]

Beyond Our Lists: The Experience that Surprised Me

This week’s inspiration comes from a holiday shopping event that a friend and I attended at our local Nordstrom. Although I had my list, (mostly in my head—aren’t those the scariest ones?), my friend and I grabbed a bite to eat in the café and reviewed in detail what we were looking for that evening. […]

Thanksgiving Firsts: In and Out of the Pit

Although I finished strong, this holiday’s firsts pulled me into a bit of a pit. As my son says, “I’m not gonna lie.” So, I won’t. It was a hard day. I knew it was coming. I knew I would be alone on Thanksgiving and I had prepared for it. I would share my Thanksgiving […]