Thoughtful Thursdays

The Lesson from a Hard Goodbye

This week’s inspiration comes from my cousin, Robin, who flew in from South Carolina to stay with me for a few days. Although we Snapchat, FaceTime, and text regularly, we needed an in-person visit to really catch up. Robin’s mom was my one-of-a-kind-but-everyone-needs-one Aunt Pearl. She was my mom’s younger sister and together, they were two […]

A Surprising Lesson From My Fence

This week’s inspiration comes from an unlikely source: the fence across the street from my home. Although it is not on my property, it welcomes all who visit, framing the road into our neighborhood. In early spring, I noticed a young man working on the fence. Each day he would strip two sections of the […]

Tripp Wants to Know

It’s a holiday week so today’s thought is a quick question from my always curious and often inspiring dog, Tripp: Did you have a Happy 4th? Look at that face. Don’t you think he really wants to know? So do I. Tell me about it. Or, tell me about your inspiring pet. They often keep us going, […]