Thoughtful Thursdays

To Fake or Not to Fake

This week I’m looking for inspiration from you! It’s been an odd week of ups and downs. The ups were so high – a visit from my son Peter for Mother’s Day weekend. Thank you, Pete, for making the weekend so special! And the lows have been unusual ones – nothing urgent or dramatic or requiring […]

Is It Time to Bloom? Three Lessons from Mom

This week’s inspiration comes from my mother, and three things she taught me as she lived the mantra I have perched on my kitchen bookshelf: Mom embodied those words. As a minister’s wife, she moved six times in twenty-five years. I never saw her struggle with the transitions; yet, she was there for me as […]

My Mistake, Their Kindness

It was my fault. I’m not sure if it was because of my body misbehaving earlier in the week (fever, chills, and stomach upset) or my house misbehaving (roof leaking, overheated dishwasher, and dryer malfunction), or perhaps I simply had a “senior moment” (now that I’m in my sixth decade of life). But for whatever […]