Thoughtful Thursdays

Summer Snippets: On Love, Tolerations, and Future Generations

What a week! Thank you for the good wishes about Madison and her move to a new day program and residence. The next thirty days of adjustment are critical so please keep the thoughts and prayers going. And, a special thanks to those of you who came to my first book talk at the Ivy Bookshop. […]

Summer Snippets: A Place for Madison; A Pause for Mom

Well, it happened. It finally happened! Madison was discharged from the inpatient unit and is in her new home! After twelve long months of amazing treatment and therapy, she has a new home, a new day program, and new people in her life who are committed to her success! This week’s inspiration comes from French poet, Guillaume […]

Summer Snippets: On Loving Obstacles

This week’s inspiration comes from one of my favorite quiet time authors, poet Mark Nepo, from The Book of Awakening. The best chance to be whole is to love whatever gets in the way until it ceases to become an obstacle. Boy, did I need that advice this week! Madison, my sweet twenty-five-year-old daughter who is severely impacted […]